Tips to Keep Your HVAC Bill Down

A comfortable, air conditioned home is an absolute must throughout the year. However, it can be tricky to keep your home comfortable while also saving money. Consistently running your HVAC system can contribute to significant expenses, but we can help you keep your home temperature comfortable without emptying your wallet.


Energy Audit

Sign up for an energy audit with a local contractor or utility provider to check for leaks and recommend the best way to maintain energy efficiency. You can also conduct your own audit and check for poor insulation, leaky windows, etc., to keep your power bills in check.


Try Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans might not significantly cool the house, but they can help you remain comfortable. Fans work well alongside your air conditioner to circulate the cool air throughout the room. Utilizing the ceiling fans in your home can give your air conditioner a breather. Take advantage of your ceiling fans to maintain a comfortable room temperature and save on your air conditioning bills.


Upgrade Your Thermostat

Still using that old thermostat? Upgrade to a smart, programmable device for better heating and cooling. Smart thermostats ensure your HVAC system runs when you need it, during summers and winters. Investing in a smart thermostat can be pricey up front, but will undoubtedly save you money long term.


Optimal Temperature Range

Most HVAC systems are designed to run optimally at specific temperatures. Make sure you know the range for your particular unit. Check your unit’s user manual for more information, or consult an expert HVAC technician to help you save your energy costs.


Change Air Filters

Change the air filters in your home ahead of the peak season every year. Regularly changing

and cleaning your filters can save you around 15% on your monthly power bills. This simple preventative measure requires minutes but goes a long way. Your HVAC system will thank you by working more efficiently and saving you money. 


Routine HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is essential to keep your heating and cooling system running smoothly and effectively. Planned maintenance helps save money by preventing costly repairs and decreasing utility bills. We recommend you schedule a professional visit at least twice every year to maintain your comfort.


Contact the Blount Heating and Cooling Pros for Better Assistance

These small steps can really make a difference in helping you maintain your home’s temperature without hiking up your power bills. Keep up with these measures for a couple of months, and you’ll consistently save on your heating and cooling bills. If you ever need professional assistance, call the Blount Heating and Cooling specialists, and we’ll help assess your HVAC system for its optimal functioning. Our expert technicians are also available 24/7 for emergencies. Call us at (706) 548-6933 to upgrade your system, schedule maintenance, or for necessary repairs.